Monday, October 17, 2011

CT Results (oops)

I just noticed today (yes I'm oblivious at times) that I never posted about my CT results.

There isn't much to say, which plays into the fact I didn't post about it. My pancreas is fine (a very good thing), but I may be developing a kidney stone. Not a big deal really either in that they said I need to be drinking lots of water. As it turns out, I have been making that very change over the last so many weeks.

I don't drink coffee anymore really to speak of, perhaps a cup or two on sunday mornings during church. I also have given up Diet Dr. Pepper for the most part during the week, and only have a little on the weekends. I drink water the rest of the time, usually about 70-100 oz. / day. I wouldn't say I feel any different, but it is good change anyway.

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