Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Having a CT

Well I got a call from the Dr. yesterday saying that my ultrasound was 'abnormal' so I'm getting sent for a CT scan tomorrow morning. They say it is no big deal, certainly less frustrating than an MRI and I do very well with those. I'm not sure what they think they see, nothing stated as of yet. I'm not very concerned as it is probably just some issue with angles on the ultrasound and whatnot.

Either way if it is an issue or not, it is all in God's hands. He made me, He will complete me and won't give me anything He doesn't know I can handle or need to make me into what He wants me to be. I'll post tomorrow about how the procedure goes / went. I am sure it will take a few days to get any results, just like the ultrasound did.

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