Monday, April 25, 2011

Yes I know...

For those of you who actually read this blog, it has been a long time. Too long I know because if I don't keep up with this, it becomes of less value. Anyway, the MS Walk this year was great. Our team, Heritage Hounds, raised just over $3000 this year and again made Elite Team status making our third year in a row for that distinction. I really appreciate all of the donations we received.

My symptoms have been coming back as expected with spring and heat. We went to a family swim this last weekend at the swim school the boys attend and that always wears me out.

The drug trial is really a non-event at this point. I take my pill every day and have my blood work every 6 weeks now (rather than every 2). The trial should go for another 6-12 months as the exact end date is not yet known. That's ok though, as I feel like I am getting excellent care so the longer the better in my opinion. I certainly understand why MS patients like being in trials.

My weight has plateaued at about 187 and while I'd like to lose a bit more, it may be easier to gain muscle mass rather than lose fat at this point to change my body fat %.

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