Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The end of the year approaches

...and there is all at once so much and yet so little, to say.

I have been getting my blood drawn every two weeks now for months. Funny thing though, my CK levels have been high a number of times. From what I've been told that says my muscles are showing 'damage' but that happens when you work out. I repeat the test a day or two later and it comes down and they stop panicking.

When I say my CK is high, when it has been, it is off of the charts high. One was 3000+, another 1900+, and another more than 17000+ (no I did not accidentally add a zero). When it comes down, it still may be on the high side of the range, say 300, but it is no longer in outer space.

Anyway, I saw Dr. M and he wants me to have a stress echo just to make sure there is no heart damage, even though he cannot hear anything (in the stethoscope) and I have no symptoms of cardiac anything (no chest tightness or pain, no trouble breathing, no heavy chest, no neck pain, etc.). It is better to be safe when dealing with the heart though, eh?

I haven't felt as much fatigue recently, and I attribute that to the cold, yet I am now cold nearly all of the time. It is very hard to keep my fingers and toes warm. Mom got me some great mittens and those help a lot.

We are staying home for Christmas proper but will be heading to KS for the new year and seeing my family.

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