Tuesday, December 28, 2010

4:30 and going strong

Well I had a server migration tank on me today. For those who are not in the business, interpret this as super-nasty, you get to stay up and do all kinds of stuff just to get back to the starting line to try again, with no guarantee it will work the next time.

Oh well, it's what I do. I've got coffee on and high energy techno pouring through the speakers to keep me awake. So far so good. At this rate, I actually hope to be able to restart the migration process at 7 or so. At midnight I thought I had it all ready to go and found another huge issue I had to fix first.

Dr. M left me a voice mail today about my nuclear stress echo. He said I aced it. No issues at all with blood flow and he said my ejection fraction was 70% which he said was 'athletic'. Can you believe that? I was surprised, but at least we know beyond a doubt that my elevated CK levels have nothing at all to do with a 'real' issue.

The question now is if that is a side-effect of the meds (teriflunomide)? I cannot say precisely but I did read that there was about a 3-5% side-effect rate of elevated CK levels in patients using a sister drug (leflunomide). It doesn't change anything in the real world, but I suppose it could lean me toward being on the drug and not placebo, especially since blood work stands apart from the placebo effect. Oh well, we'll know in a year or so and until then I'll just keep my head down and keep going.

Here is a VERY interesting article (detailed) about teriflunomide and the Phase 3 trials that are currently underway with it.

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