Tuesday, December 28, 2010

4:30 and going strong

Well I had a server migration tank on me today. For those who are not in the business, interpret this as super-nasty, you get to stay up and do all kinds of stuff just to get back to the starting line to try again, with no guarantee it will work the next time.

Oh well, it's what I do. I've got coffee on and high energy techno pouring through the speakers to keep me awake. So far so good. At this rate, I actually hope to be able to restart the migration process at 7 or so. At midnight I thought I had it all ready to go and found another huge issue I had to fix first.

Dr. M left me a voice mail today about my nuclear stress echo. He said I aced it. No issues at all with blood flow and he said my ejection fraction was 70% which he said was 'athletic'. Can you believe that? I was surprised, but at least we know beyond a doubt that my elevated CK levels have nothing at all to do with a 'real' issue.

The question now is if that is a side-effect of the meds (teriflunomide)? I cannot say precisely but I did read that there was about a 3-5% side-effect rate of elevated CK levels in patients using a sister drug (leflunomide). It doesn't change anything in the real world, but I suppose it could lean me toward being on the drug and not placebo, especially since blood work stands apart from the placebo effect. Oh well, we'll know in a year or so and until then I'll just keep my head down and keep going.

Here is a VERY interesting article (detailed) about teriflunomide and the Phase 3 trials that are currently underway with it.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Nothing like being radioactive

Well today I had my stress echo...except that it wasn't. It turns out I had the nuclear version where they inject you with radioactive dye that emits gamma rays. So, I can't hold infants for a day or try to fly. So I officially have a glow today. :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The end of the year approaches

...and there is all at once so much and yet so little, to say.

I have been getting my blood drawn every two weeks now for months. Funny thing though, my CK levels have been high a number of times. From what I've been told that says my muscles are showing 'damage' but that happens when you work out. I repeat the test a day or two later and it comes down and they stop panicking.

When I say my CK is high, when it has been, it is off of the charts high. One was 3000+, another 1900+, and another more than 17000+ (no I did not accidentally add a zero). When it comes down, it still may be on the high side of the range, say 300, but it is no longer in outer space.

Anyway, I saw Dr. M and he wants me to have a stress echo just to make sure there is no heart damage, even though he cannot hear anything (in the stethoscope) and I have no symptoms of cardiac anything (no chest tightness or pain, no trouble breathing, no heavy chest, no neck pain, etc.). It is better to be safe when dealing with the heart though, eh?

I haven't felt as much fatigue recently, and I attribute that to the cold, yet I am now cold nearly all of the time. It is very hard to keep my fingers and toes warm. Mom got me some great mittens and those help a lot.

We are staying home for Christmas proper but will be heading to KS for the new year and seeing my family.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December is here

Well it is finally December. The year is rapidly coming to a close. I have felt yucky ever sine my overnight camping trip. I cannot kick the stuffy head. It is not terribly bad, but it really isn't getting any better either. That is frustrating. No real changes in symptoms to speak of. My blood work keep coming back with elevated CK levels. I'm pretty sure that is what it is called. I'll reverify that tomorrow. At any rate, it seems to get high after I exercise. I have had the issue a number of times and re-testing makes it go back down to more normal levels but it is getting annoying.