Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pager duty is over

I am finally off pager duty. It has been a long month that way. A lot of nights with interrupted sleep. It sure doesn't help the way I feel. Tonight though will be a blessing with no pager going off. I got a Mac at work (I know that isn't MS related but I'm excited about it). I hurt my ankle yet again over the weekend. Julie said she remembered me tripping over a door threshold and that would make sense. I have been wearing my brace about 20 hours/day since and it will let it heal. It is frustrating to be hurt, and to continue getting hurt in the same place(s). Next week I will go in again for a physical exam as part of the drug study. It will be another fasting lab that day too. I don't like fasting lab days. I don't think it is so much about not eating because I don't think I have a habit of eating late or right when I get up. It is more of just having the restriction in place. :(

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