Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Dog Days of Summer

Well they certainly are here and in force. Temperatures near or over 100 (that's 36-40C for you Canadians in the audience :-) ) are just so draining. When I step out of the car (or into one that has been setting in the sun) I can feel my energy go away. Yuck.

My symptoms in my legs are worsening to a degree. They tend to want to bounce around more than they used to and when I stand they are tensing up (locking) more often than I remember. It really is not a big deal later in the day, as it is more common in the morning hours for some reason.

My arms also are getting a little odd on occasion like they did a year ago. A bit of alien arm, not too often, but they get that feeling like they are trying to go to sleep and then feel like they want to move on their own. It is a hard feeling to describe.

I am not too sure what is the cause for what I am feeling. It could be one or more of: true increase in my symptoms, the heat exacerbating everything, me no longer being on maintenance meds (and they were actually helping although I didn't notice until I went off of them), or the anti-placebo effect (now that I know I'm not on meds, my body is responding subconsciously, yada yada). I really have no idea which one or more of these it is, but I am not concerned about the increase at this time. The heat is such a big factor to my overall fatigue anyway, I lean toward thinking it is that more than anything. I suppose if this was happening in December I may feel differently.

I will be seeing my neuro and another on Tuesday the 17th. It is preparation for me entering a drug trial. There will be a number of tests that happen that day and then in the next two weeks I will have other tests (ultrasound, blood work, and an X-ray I think). I will officially enter the trial on the 31st as that is my 'randomization' day where I get a number and my meds to take (oral, daily). The study is double-blind, placebo controlled, with two drug dosages. The short description is no-one knows who has meds or sugar pills and there is a 1/3 chance for placebo, 1/3 for one strength of the drug and 1/3 for the higher dose. Pray for the drug at the highest dosage!

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