Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lamenting my laziness

Well summer is here again and my posts are few and far between. Things are going fairly well with my symptoms. My fatigue is gradually getting more common as I expect in the heat of summer. Since I am not on any medications right now, it is nice to have my life 'back' and not feeling bad every week. I don't think I have had any regression of symptoms or the like to make me think I should have stayed on the meds. I will get to start the trial in August and will have plenty to post then with all of the additional medical supervision I will be going through. For now, I am in my zone of normal; working out with Marsha and letting my days run together :)

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Julie said...

Okay sweetie! This last post was 7/1, now it is 8/10. I think it's time for an update!