Monday, June 7, 2010


Well five of eleven days draws to a close. We've done so much it gets
hard to keep it all straight. My most exertions have been in climbing
sand dunes and in a cave tour carrying a lantern. Yesterday and today
have been the highlight as we have traversed the Grand Teton national
park and Yellowstone. Wyoming is so so beautiful. I'd put it like
this: It is a beautiful sundae with beautiful topping, beautiful
sprinkles and a beautiful on top. At every corner, we came to a scene
we could not imagine, only to get another surprise around the next. I
must say that the Teton range simply shames in beauty other mountains
I've seen...simply amazing. And of all the states I've seen, Wyoming
is by far the most visually stunning. The geology and geography is so
incredibly beautiful and interesting. I just don't think I can speak
highly enough of it.

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