Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Walk and other stuff

Well the MS Walk this last weekend was great. There was a huge turnout which is always a good thing. Like last year it was a very difficult walk, but I made it through. It was fun to have so many show to walk with me (Thanks to all of you).

I just got my prescription filled for Ampyra (the walking pill). This is day two. No changes that I can tell yet, but then again, I'm not sure when I should see results.

I still have not heard from the drug trial a true yes or no. So far it is up in the air with whomever decides these kinds of things.

Symptom-wise things are very much the same. Since we are going to go on vacation in early June, I may try to get a round of steroids in beforehand to make the trip a little easier.

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