Friday, April 16, 2010

Shots on Thursday mornings

I have switched up my shot mornings all over and timing seems little to matter. I have settled on Thursday mornings and while it makes for a terrible Thursday, it doesn't interfere with working out or anything we may want to do on a weekend. It seems to be the best option.

I got a call today to start Ampyra (the new MS walking pill). It is covered by my insurance and so I may be able to start that soon. The word is still out on the clinical trial, and today was not a good day to call them. I will do it Monday morning and see what happens. I need the answer so I know whether or not to refill my Avonex.

Yesterday was a particularly hard day for me after the shot. Felt worse than I have in a while. In fact felt bad enough that I never ate dinner. Today I'm feeling closer to normal and that is nice.

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