Monday, March 1, 2010


Yep. That is what my latest illness is. How wonderful. Yesterday left me with no improvement in any way. I napped a few times through the day and had a lot of chicken broth. Read a lot more and have no internet to speak of.

Today I went to see Dr. M (he worked me in) and found out I have pneumonia. I spent an hour or more at St. Francis to get a chest x-ray done. Walgreen's was hard to get in and out of since the street they are on is all under construction. Cox came over and we got the internet straightened out so I can at least blog and perhaps tomorrow actually get some work done from home. Supposedly these meds are going to make me feel even more fatigued so I am not looking forward to that. Oh for specifics, Levaquin 750, once daily with lunch for 7 days. Cough syrup with Codeine and Promethazine. Mucinex-D twice daily.

Anyway, Dr. M and I both are thinking that my illnesses are because the Avonex is turning down my immune system. Not a great trade-off but where I am for now. I'm going to start looking into Copaxone just because it seems like the right thing to be doing. It does not have the side-effects but is a daily injection. No decisions now, but we've got to start thinking.

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Ched said...

Oh brother. I'm so sorry to hear what's up. I'm sure your glad to know what you're dealing with. We'll let everyone know so we can all pray for you. Bless you. T