Thursday, February 25, 2010

A pattern is emerging

I've done a lot of maneuvering with my shot timing and one thing remains consistent... I feel terrible on Thursdays. Just right awful. Now I'll admit it is less now than when I was taking my shot at 5p.m. or so on Wed. nights and having to suffer through the nights with fevers and such, trying to take Ibuprofen by waking myself up. Now I am taking the shot early on Wed. morning and keeping my Ibuprofen levels up is a much easier task. That said, Thursday is still a bad day. So, I've come up with a theory.

It goes like this: No matter when I take the shot, and that being in my leg muscle, my body starts trying to absorb it. While I maintain the Ibuprofen to keep my fevers at bay, my body is doing well absorbing at whatever trickle rate it does. BUT when I go work out on Wed. night with Marsha my leg muscles do what I ask of them and keep me from falling all over the place but it gets the blood flowing 'faster' and changes my rate of absorption (or so I think) thereby making me ill the next day. Next week I'm going to take my shot on Thursday morning and see how I feel Friday. If all goes well, that may be the change I have really been looking for.

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Ched said...

Good luck with that Fri. thing.
Love you brother. Troy