Thursday, January 21, 2010

Long time no write, lots has happened

Well the new year has come nad gone and I've not gotten better about my blogging. Many have asked how I'm doing and I've been remiss in posting. I'll try to cover things as linearly as I can remember.

The new year was fun with family in KS. No real stories there other than feeling bad due to the climate changes and such. I felt bad for a few days but nothing much to write about.

I started trying to take my shot on Wed mornings to see if taking my Ibuprofen through the day would be better to not miss doses and keep me from feeling so bad.

It went pretty well the first time around. The next day though was terrible. All of the bad things I thought I avoided, I got. Turns out it was not the meds. I was getting shingles! Woohoo!.. but I didn't know that then.

So now I'm on antivirals, prednisone (steroid for the inflammation), and pain killers (good stuff). If you look on WebMD for shingles and pictures it does it justice. It looks just as bad and it hurts really, really bad. I would say I walk around with it being 4-6 most of the time, spiking to 8 if I rub it (on my shirt sitting down, etc.) or bump it at all. If I let the LorTabs wear off it is more sensitive. It wraps form the middle of my back around the left side nearly to my belly button. That said, it isn't evenly distributed that way. It is more on my back and less as it wraps around.

I took my shot again this week on Wednesday morning and had no issues at all. That is great so I think it will work out best this way in the future. Time will tell.

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