Thursday, December 24, 2009

Work overnight pushed my shot to this morning

Yesterday (that has bled into today) was hard (and hopefully will ease up). My Grandmother's funeral was yesterday morning in Bartlesville and once I got back from that I had to leave for a client in Norman as their system got messed up by Microsoft (go figure. You call for help and they make it worse! bah.) Back from Norman at 10:45pm or so and follow up on another project. That decided to go off a cliff and back out to another client by 2:15am. There till 6:45am and then home for a cat nap, shower and back to it this morning. What a ride.

Julie gave me my shot at 8am but I think I'll be ok since I can manage my Ibuprofen through the day. Will see but I didn't want to have my shot downtime to go into Christmas...

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