Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend was fun

Spent Thursday night and Friday with Colin and Courtney. They took me to a real German restaurant and we had einige Schnitzel und Bier. It was great. Colin and I stayed up and talked and spent all of Friday together. It was good to catch up. We need to do that more often in my opinion.

Saturday as pretty non-eventful. We did get some new lights for the house. Julie put them up on Sunday while I was working.

Yesterday was a packed day with church, Julie taking the boys to the Zoo with the Cub Scouts and me going to work. A client moved from a colo facility to their new offices last night (the network anyway). We finally got things working around 8:30pm (I think) but Cox didn't have their side done until this morning. It mostly came up as expected but the phone system is still wonky.

Found another person yesterday that has had some experience with an MS diagnosis. Luckily that isn't what is was and they are being treated for what they found, but in our discussion we found that the testing experiences and uncertainty of 'what it all means' were certainly similar. Our attitudes of managing what you have with what you can are certainly in common there. I'm glad they felt comfortable talking with me about it so candidly.

At any rate, here we are at another Monday where the world can decide if it is on fire or at a simmer. I hope that it is a calm one.

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