Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas was fun (and the Wii is addicting)

Had a great time at home with family. We got a Wii (for all of us) and it is so much fun! I'm tired as all get out though (and sore). I tried to rest and did get some naps in. I really did not feel particularly well until Sunday. The shot side effects along with my nuts work hours last week really took their toll.

If the snow will burn off a bit we may go to Branson tomorrow. Onward to my family on Thursday night and over the weekend for Christmas with them in Kansas. We'll see how the weather turns out. We did not mind being cooped up at our house much with the Wii to keep us all entertained. It is nice to have active games that 4 can play at the same time.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Work overnight pushed my shot to this morning

Yesterday (that has bled into today) was hard (and hopefully will ease up). My Grandmother's funeral was yesterday morning in Bartlesville and once I got back from that I had to leave for a client in Norman as their system got messed up by Microsoft (go figure. You call for help and they make it worse! bah.) Back from Norman at 10:45pm or so and follow up on another project. That decided to go off a cliff and back out to another client by 2:15am. There till 6:45am and then home for a cat nap, shower and back to it this morning. What a ride.

Julie gave me my shot at 8am but I think I'll be ok since I can manage my Ibuprofen through the day. Will see but I didn't want to have my shot downtime to go into Christmas...

Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday and I'm feeling better

Friday was still miserable and Saturday a minor improvement. I think I actually caught a cold or something that kept me down. I took a bunch of loratadine and Tums and such. Not too much to say other than I finally feel a little closer to normal.

Went shopping on Saturday with Mom, went to a Christmas party (family) Saturday evening and went to Grammy's (Julie's grandmother) birthday party yesterday. Lots of activity and travel but I survived. :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

End of day, little or no improvement

This is nuts. I've taken (in my opinion) plenty of Ibuprofen through the day. I am just not feeling any better. Insane fatigue. It is hard to pick up my arms. They just want to lie on the desk and not move. They feel like lead.

Julie is going out tonight to crop and I will watch a movie and eat pizza with the boys. About as much energy as I can put pizza on the couch. :)

Late shot=no fun the next day

Had some late work Wed. night at a client that should have been 30 minutes but turned into 90. That ended up pushing back my shot till after 7 (because I still met Marsha to work out at 6). Then the alarms overnight for Ibuprofen did not go off and I am severly under-medicated this morning. I just feel terrible. The 1am and 5am doses didn't happen (just at 3) and being later than usual, I'm just that much farther behind the curve. At any rate, I'm not much good to anyone right now. I'll see how the day progresses.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend was fun

Spent Thursday night and Friday with Colin and Courtney. They took me to a real German restaurant and we had einige Schnitzel und Bier. It was great. Colin and I stayed up and talked and spent all of Friday together. It was good to catch up. We need to do that more often in my opinion.

Saturday as pretty non-eventful. We did get some new lights for the house. Julie put them up on Sunday while I was working.

Yesterday was a packed day with church, Julie taking the boys to the Zoo with the Cub Scouts and me going to work. A client moved from a colo facility to their new offices last night (the network anyway). We finally got things working around 8:30pm (I think) but Cox didn't have their side done until this morning. It mostly came up as expected but the phone system is still wonky.

Found another person yesterday that has had some experience with an MS diagnosis. Luckily that isn't what is was and they are being treated for what they found, but in our discussion we found that the testing experiences and uncertainty of 'what it all means' were certainly similar. Our attitudes of managing what you have with what you can are certainly in common there. I'm glad they felt comfortable talking with me about it so candidly.

At any rate, here we are at another Monday where the world can decide if it is on fire or at a simmer. I hope that it is a calm one.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The weekend is over

I had a massive upgrade that Russell and I did over the weekend in Norman. Two server consolidated to one and that on new hardware. Lots of changes, little sleep. Less for Russell than me, the pager woke him up in the middle of the night on yet another project.

Glad to be home the last few nights and I've slowly started to catch up on sleep. A little less exhausted today feels good. Still lots to do before Christmas as everyone is itching to get things done.

My symptoms are more obvious to me than they have been in some time. My balance is terrible and I'm constantly catching myself it seems. The walls are again my friends to know where I am. I'm really thinking about another round of Solumedrol just because I now see how much better I felt. The return to the pit has revealed just what I had been dealing with. The little things are more frustrating to me now that they have crept in over weeks instead of years. At any rate my spirits are good, I'm not in any pity-party or anything and joking about it is still the best medicine.

Driving at night is getting much harder. The contrast in the oncoming lights and such is very distracting (I guess that is the way to describe it). It is hard to 'survey' the road as a whole like I can in the daylight. I'll be cutting back on that as much as I can.

I'm going to go see Colin over Thursday night and Friday so I get some night driving then, but it'll be worth it to just hang out. I haven't been able to see him for a year or more. It's crazy.