Monday, November 16, 2009

Well I'm worthless

It has been way too long since my last post. I have to get back in the saddle. I have had two more shots since I wrote last. Julie gave me the last two 'shots' because the actual sticking myself was just getting too hard. I can do the plunger / take it out / band-aid part, it is just the stick (even though it doesn't hurt) that slowed me down.

My shot symptoms are just not an issue any more. I am still very careful and particular about my ibuprofen dosing. I'm afraid of feeling terrible if I vary it now that I have one that works. At some point I'll need to experiment again so I don't over-medicate in the long run.

I have an MRI of my neck tomorrow morning. They want to see if the lesion at C6 has changed. Woohoo the tube again!

The solumedrol continues to wear off. I say that because my symptoms increase and it is kind of funny; I thought I was back to where I started but things continue to get harder, especially my fatigue. I guess at some point I'll stop thinking I'm sliding down and plateau again.

Marsha has taken advantage of my elevated ability and has ramped up my workouts. She is trying to hold me up there and not let my difficulty slide too much. The Bosu may be a short-lived idea; I'm certainly not holding my breath. I did do a few push-ups on it (one hand on and one off, I don't know what that is called) this lat Wednesday. Anything on that feels like a huge accomplishment to me.

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