Thursday, November 19, 2009

Last couple of days

Well the MRI was uneventful as expected. About 50 minutes in the tube. C-spine MRI looking for any progression of my spot around C6. My neuro is closed tomorrow so I hope the nurse calls back with my results from the Radiologist.

Shot 15 was last night. These last few times of Julie sticking me has been much better and faster. last night it hurt on the first try and we redid it. The second time didn't hurt at all. That happened to me around shot 8 I think where I must've hit a nerve or something. Overnight was fairly miserable. I guess I didn't take quite enough ibuprofen and had a fever and was up a number of times overnight. I'm still very sluggish this morning.

I'll write again as I get info about the MRI.

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