Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shot #12 has come and gone

I don't feel too bad this morning. 800mg at 4 and 9, 300 at 1 and 5. No fever, no real aches.

The solumedrol is definitely wearing off and I'm noticing changes in my balance again. It is very interesting to feel my symptoms come back slowly. Nothing too terrible but I'm getting 'tossed' into walls and door frames again and when I'm working out, the balance line, step-ups, stuff like that is getting much harder, quickly. My fatigue is starting to come back, but mostly exacerbated by exercise, I feel like I'm fading more quickly.

I have an appt. with Dr. W (neuro) next week. I guess we'll see what he has to say, although I'm not holding my breath for anything profound.

The shots, while I'm 'getting used' to them, the are getting harder to inject. I don't know why, but my mind is having a harder time withe the needle stick. It really doesn't hurt, and I have to keep chanting that over and over to myself. It took me 15 minutes yesterday to give my self the shot which should take 3 minutes tops. I don't know what to do, but that is going to get extremely annoying, oh wait, it already is.

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Appreciate you taking the time to give we your followers the scoop on your daily life.