Wednesday, October 7, 2009

BOSU Baby!

Great workout today with Marsha. Got back on the Bosu and did it! Balance with curls. The first set she was touching my back a bit and that helped, certainly for confidence, but it helped me know where I 'was'. The second set I did mostly on my own, but had to step off once. Not too bad considering I've not been able to do that for a loooooooong time, more than a year certainly. Overall really good workout.

Shot #9 was tonight. Starting to feel like a normal routine a little. It is still hard to stick myself but it felt like a normal thing to be doing (an odd thought indeed). Keeping the Ibuprofen regimen from three weeks ago since it has worked for two weeks.

Hanging stuff around the house tonight. Towel bars, mirrors and such. The house looks like it is starting to come together.

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