Sunday, September 13, 2009

Slept better but odd morning

Just got out from church and teaching the 3rd graders. I'm very weak
today. It was hard to get the toothpaste out onto the brush. I had
trouble holding my coffee cup without letting it spill. My leg flutter
when stretching this morning was very much reduced. The spasic
stiffness that happens when I stand (for example after church service
was over) was much reduced. I'm not sure what correlation this may
have beyond today but it does seem like it is easier to 'just walk'
and other things seem lessened, but I am just overall weaker. Oddly
though I slept better last night than previous so the early morning
yesterday along with no IV lines last night helped. The bad taste in
my mouth remains although I don't notice it until I put something in
my mouth, which then tastes bad. Coffee was barely tolerable and the
doughnut bites were bland at best. Headed to subway so hopefully with lots of peppers I can taste again :)

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