Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Shot #8 is in the bag, err...body

Well #8 went in tonight. No fanfare there. It is still difficult to stick myself even though I know it doesn't really hurt. Perhaps after a few hundred it will get easier. Not feeling bad yet although I don't expect to until 11 or so.

I have no mentioned much about my symptoms lately as they are fairly static. Things have improved from the IVSM treatment. I can put on my pants still without sitting and my leg tremors are not as bad. Walking is still fairly easy although right now it is ahrd since I went to see Marsha tonight for training. That is always an adventure. Similar excercises but I never know just how hard any single one will be until I'm there. That is a good thing so my muscles don't have a memory but it is funny at times. Tonight my legs were shaking terribly doing planks, it had to be funny to watch.

All in all feeling pretty good. I could always use more sleep, but that is true for everyone it seems. I need to get my bloodwork done to see Dr. M next week but the paperwork is in my dresser, in the garage, at the other house. Not convenient. Julie says she can get it for me tomorrow.

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trainwithmarsha said...

THe shaking leg wasn't til the VERY end of your work out which I may add went quite well....since we did not warm you up or as you like to do.."GO FULL SPEED AHEAD" before beginning some exercises...all in all...great job!