Thursday, September 24, 2009

Shot #7 was much better

Well shot#7 was last night. Timing was a bit different and I'm not sure that was the reason but it certainly is something I'm going to try next time just in case.

I had a headache early in the day so I took 800mg Ibuprofen about 2pm. Then I took another 800mg Ibuprofen about 4:30. I took my shot right at 5 and then went to work out with Marsha at 6. I took another 600mg Ibuprofen about 9pm, again at midnight, 3am and 6am. I did not have a _real_ fever that broke. I may have had a mild fever but it is the 'break'ing that gets you all sweaty and uncomfortable in the bed in my opinion. That never happened. I had to work late / overnight so I am tired, but the shot did not really mess me up like the previous ones have. Let's hope it is the med rotation (so I can keep it up) rather than a fluke.

My symptoms are improving a bit. Yesterday marsha had me high-stepping (for the first time in years really) as I normally could not raise my left leg enough to get my knee 'level' (that is the best wasy I can describe it). I did it 10 or so times in a row yesterday and showed Jule when I got home. Very exciting indeed. Just further proof that I can put pants on again without sitting! Walking is a bit smoother (continues to be nice, much fewer foot drops and drags, trips, etc.). My vision is back to 'normal' if I didn't mention that earlier. The solumedrol made my vision really blurry for days.

Troy, I don't know if you remember but you asked if I could raise my toes while standing once while we were talking at church. Anyway, I couldn't on my left side, but I can tonight. Very cool indeed.

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