Saturday, September 12, 2009

Last bag is in. State of the union

Well the third and last bag of this round finished about 4:30 today. Took the IV out with Julie's help around 5:30 after she got back from an errand. The removal was uneventful as expected but getting all the tape off was painful even with the tape 'remover' stuff they gave me.

The bad taste in my mouth didn't happen this time around that I noticed but it seems the change is persistent. Everything but very spicy things are bland to worse. I think I mentioned in the previous post that an Oreo tasted like nothing so I didn't eat any more. That may be a good thing but it is annoying.

We went to mini-church tonight and had a good time there. The food that I could taste was good (we always have some type of food to munch on). The meatballs were good and the 'kick' of some kind of olive thing was nice because it overcame whatever you want to call this taste loss. We went to QT afterward so I could 'try em all' and really no op tastes good. Sprite is still acceptable, but everything tastes funny and some downright nasty. I don't know how long it will be before my taste returns to normal but for now Hot Tamales are my favorite food :)

We had a really nice discussion with others at mini-church tonight. We were both encouraged by their prayers and some one-on-one type discussions about others struggling with medical issues. Camaraderie is a great thing, especially when you additionally have the same Eternal Perspective. Sometimes it is hard to 'walk' the way the Bible says to (in trust and truth, not by our feelings), but we all have to deal with the way we feel. Every day I and others have to get up and walk through taking our feelings captive to what we know to be true. At any rate, it was wonderful and I hope that others were encouraged also.

There isn't too much else to say for today. I'm going to leave the band-aid on my arm tonight but it won't keep me awake like the IV line did :) I hope I can get really sleepy soon.

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Adventures on the Road said...

Thank you for sharing your life with us tonight at minichurch. I admire your openness and honesty and willingness to invite us all to join you in your journey through this blog.
I am so proud to have you as my Champion for this year's ride.