Friday, September 11, 2009

IV Solumedrol drip #2 hanging now

Yesterday afternoon I got my I.V. line ran and the first 'bag' into me. They are giving me 1gram (1000mg) of Solu-Medrol in 250ml of d5w (some kind of saline with dextrose in it). Anyway, it gave me a bitter taste for about 4 hours during and after the admin (it only take about an hour to get it all in me). They leave the IV in and all taped up with about a 12" leader so I can take care of it without another person helping. It is a little awkward but no big deal. I flush with saline before and after admin and finish with Heparin to prevent clotting in the IV line. Flush and Hep again about 12 hours later, then another dose, etc. Anyway, 3 doses in 3 days. It feels really odd to have this tube hanging out of me that goes right into my vein. Very medical indeed.

The taste is coming on. It has been about 10 minutes. Joy. It is not really metallic to me as I had read before, but more bitter like from nut insides but not as intense, perhaps 1/2 as much, but still that same general taste. Sprite works well against it and Julie is out at QT now getting me some (gotta love a wife like that!).

It kept me up a little last night. I cannot really tell how much of my tossing and turning was the oddity of the IV being in me and trying to no 'mess it up'. I'll know more after tongiht. Well Julie just came back in and we are going to watch a movie while I finish my meds up...

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