Saturday, September 12, 2009

4am and I'm wide awake

The pager went off just a bit ago (04:03:26) telling me to check a server and even though everything is fine, I'm up now. Very odd because normally I would look at this, see what I saw, and be back asleep by now. Ah well, not too bad of a side-effect in my opinion. Opened a slim-fast and am going to play a little online. I doubt that I'll get sleepy again, and with my next round tentatively scheduled for 3pm today (so it'll be long-over by mini-church tonight at 6pm), I'll probably be well-wired into tonight. The thing is that it is an awakeness (I know I made it up) that is just like a friend Terry said it was. I am awake but not jittery, not like too much caffeine or adrenaline, just a very normal, comfortable, 11am kind of awake.

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