Monday, August 3, 2009

New Week

Well my mind is reeling. There is so much I've been reading and talking to others about (as far as treatment). I talked with Kim (a PA friend of mine) yesterday about the solumedrol and he basically said there is little to worry about, certainly in the short run. Take the meds and see what it does for me. He certainly thinks the other can be done, but he explained the benefits of high dose steroids for inflammation and since we are not talking about a long term course, to do it. Anyway, I trust his opinion very much and I think his was the one that has really changed my thinking. His description of the side-effects and such were a great comfort (they aren't as terrible in all likelihood as I had imagined by others' descriptions). I'm going to call my neuro today and see if I can get in to talk to him about the specifics he had in mind.

Beyond that, I have been waking more often with the buzz / vibrations going on in my arms. This morning was no different if even a bit worse. I have no direct comparison to the feeling other than it is a very weak vibrating feel that you couldn't see I don't think if you were looking at the muscle, almost a tingle, but to me that implies a bit of prickly like the feeling when your foot or something is 'waking up' from 'being asleep' which we all have had. The best comparison is what is feels like if your cell phone is ringing (on vibrate) on the bed with you a few inches away. You can feel it, but it is very faint. This morning it was in both of my arms and hands. Very odd indeed.

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Julie said...

Love you honey....thinking about you right now!