Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The morning after

Wow. Where to start. Took the shot (1/2 dose) at about 11-11:30. Had taken ibuprofen at about 8 and 10. Took 1 more as I got in bed, I'll say 12 for this purpose. At 5:30am I wake up to bad shivers, 0 energy, and achey all over. I took some more ibuprofen and made it to bed, bundled up as best I would and was awake with the shivers for another hour. I finally got a touch of sleep before the alarm woke me at 7. I woke up cold, still no energy, and still hurting. With the exception of the fever, my symptoms remain. All of the work I've done to get rid of fatigue are for nothing today. I'm as tired as I have ever been. It is hard to walk at all. It feels like I am constantly fighting gravity. Every joint hurts. Not 'pain' like needles but ache like a bruise. They aren't stiff, but if I touch them (rub etc.) it irritates them. Just an absolutely bizarre and terrible feeling. I hope to be better as the day progresses. As long as I sit still, it isn't too bad.

I also had a very bizarre dream in my fever pitch. I'll tell the tale here, but feel free to ignore it as it is REALLY wierd. Oh, and it will help if you play Warcraft because there are references to it. So the stage is set by me being me, Kelsey my dog being a shape-shifter into Gandalf the white (visual picture for you). There is another dog, the color of a golden retriever, but short-haired and slightly larger than Kelsey, perhaps 20 pounds. So 'we' (Kelsey and I) have a suspicion that the other dog is sneaking out at night so we pretend to be asleep to follow it. Of course, it leaves and Kelsey turns into Gandalf and runs after the dog with me in chase. We run wherever to find 3 Dark Iron dwarves fighting a huge Jarmungar (much like an Ulduar event) in the snow. There is a cave opening to the right, nearer to us, and as you go in the distance, you can see we are at the base of a snow cliff, on a ledge that falls away again to our left. Anyway, this yellow dog runs at them all and they all disappear when he gets there. No dog, no anything, just me and Gandalf and snow. We decide to go into the cave, where we are at the bottom of a very large shaft-like room. There is a ledge near the top on the far side. The middle is generally hollow (like a well) and who knows how far down it goes. Like a circular staircase on each wall, there is a path going to the top ledge. In the middle there is also a path, but it has a parabolic curve to it so you could never climb it, just slide down it. So there we stand. Behind us the 'bad guys' reappear and we take off around the side to the top. When we get to the top they decide they need to get us and start scrambling up the middle slope. No problem except for some reason Gandalf loses his footing pulling on my feet and I'm holding on to the ledge and they try to get us. My grip fails, we slide down, knocking the dwarves off the sides down the well shaft and we both splat the Jarmungar against the lower wall. I wake up. Bizarre Bizarre.

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Patrick said...

Dude, that's a great dream. I'm sure it has some deeper meaning .. but I'm no psyco ... er psychology. Hope you get over the shot reactions soon.