Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Laziness reins supreme!

Well again I am struck by the lazy gene that keeps me from taking time to post. It is ridiculous really as once I get behind then I forget what has been going on. Seeing the obvious flaw in my abilities, I will attempt to reconstruct the last couple of weeks for your viewing pleasure.

We went to the lake for the 4th of July. Spend a lot of time in the pool and that took its toll on me. I was very run down for a number of days after that. I wanted to sleep all of the time but it didn't feel like it was doing any good (frustrating!) when I did nap. I then proceeded to leave my B12 at the lake (I love forgetting things). I reordered the original B12 I bought (they dissolve faster) and got them a few days ago. I also made alarms for my iPhone to remind me to take them so I can get in a good rythm about it.

I have an appointment wiht my new neuro tomorrow (Dr. W) so we'll see how that flies overall. I've noticed a couple of what I would call new symptoms but they have been infrequent as yet so I'm not too sure about it all. My right arm has 'vibrated' a couple of times. It happened when I was lying on my right side with it under my pillow so I have no idea what it may have looked like. It felt like there was a cell phone on vibrate next to it is the best way I can decribe it. It only happened for 10 seconds or so and stopped as soon as I moved it. It may have just been an oddity because of the way I was lying. The other has been my left hand / arm. The involuntary clonus-like twitches tend to make my hand move and they 'feel' they same in that they seem to have a mind and desire of their own and until I can 'make' it stop, it keeps going. The hand / arm pulses are much shallower than the foot ones, but it is very disconcerting. These too have only happened a few times but since they are visible and relatively difficult to stop...it seems like more of a change.

The heat is evil. With temps in the shade over 100F (39C) it saps me quickly. I've been good at staying inside as best I can.

I'll post again tomorrow after meeting with the new doc. Hopefully I'll have my MRI appointments incoming too.


Ched said...

Hello, Dave
Sorry to hear about the new symptoms. I'm sure it can be discouraging. At least, I think I would find it so. I'll be praying for your meeting with the new Neurologist. God bless you. Have a good night.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave ,

Glad you got to enjoy the 4th of July.
Its always good to get a new opinion, hope it all goes well for you
hugs and a big smile for you :))

Sky /Jean