Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Back from the Neuro

Well it seems as though there is a ton to report. I don't really know exactly where to begin, but here it goes. Oh, and I registered today so you can just go there and you'll get here from now on. :)

I met with Dr. W today and he is VERY nice indeed. He really is the person I needed to go over this with. He was sure of what he was telling me as we talked, very thorough (as he redid most of my first 'sign' tests (some I failed for instance: Hoffman's Sign, Romberg's Sign, Babinski's reflex test, and of course my Visual Evoked Potentials test from last year which, in his words was "Abysmal"), and chose his words carefully so there was no ambiguity because of connotation. All in all a very good exam, and I felt taken care of, not hurried.

He said a few things that really impacted me. One was that as research progresses 'they' are seeing that MS progresses faster and more aggressively in men than women. That is interesting because MS strikes about twice as many women as men. We also can note my changes in symptoms over the last year very effectively. He basically said that I needed to be on a 'commercial treatment', end of story. His delivery though was so different form Dr. D's. His manner brought forth an honest concern for my health, not just a cold factual statement. I wish there was a better way to say that, but I cannot think of one at the moment. He gave me a lot of literature about Avonex, Copaxone, and the possibility of a drug trial.

He is checking with my insurance to get another round of MRIs done so we can compare any visible progression. I do not know how that may or may not effect the starting of any other treatment.

After much discussion, Julie and I have ruled out the trial, mostly because of the chance of placebo, and we just don't think that is a wise risk. We then decided to go with Avonex mainly because of the dosing schedule difference between it and Copaxone. Dr. W said he would reccomend Avonex most but some people fear the longer needles and the higher possibility of side-effects. Both of those don't seem to bother me as much as the daily rather than weekly injections. I get tired of taking my vitamins every day, let alone getting a shot. So once again... Laziness Reins Supreme! I love that. Well, you know. At any rate, there will be plenty of stuff to 'do' as I talk again to him and his staff in the next day or two about what my next steps are. It will be an interesting ride I'm sure.

Please pray for me and Julie; especially Julie.

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