Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back from Branson

Went for a couple of night this time. We traded some time saying no to a timeshare for the hotel. Easy enough. If we were resort people when we travelled, and had the money of course, it actually looked like a good deal.

Anyway, enough of that. The walking was not bad. The weather cooperated very nicely. It was not too hot and we got a couple of showers that also helped keep it cool(er). At any rate, it was quite a lot of fun. We got to swim in the hotel pool (which the kids always love) and I think that was more tiresome than the walking itself. I had three comments about my walking stick this time and I don't really know how to respond to it (them). Certainly I did not blow them off, but tried to make light of it. It certainly helps more then I can explain in a few seconds, but I don't know exactly how to approach it. Julie and I thought the best answer would be one that may take them off guard and be a bit funny too. I welcome suggestions but we thought it would be great if anyone asks something... "Do you hike?" or "What do you use that for?" I could reply "If I didn't hold it up, it would just fall down and lie there. I can't have that, Can I?" and leave it at that, of course with a grin. Julie and I sure laughed at the thought (perhaps we are the weird ones!).

Back at home is a nice feeling. I can hardly wait to sleep in my own bed.

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You can always tell them it's an accessory to your pipe. You always wanted to grow up and be an old man!