Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday at Epcot

It was a lot of fun. We sent on Soarin' which is a truly fantastic ride but you have to do it FastPass, don't wait in line. Too long of a wait and you'll be disappointed. That could be said of many rides but they are certainly worth the 20-30 minutes you find most often. When we left Soarin' the line was 130 minutes long. That is just a disaster for expectations.

We had some really good ice cream bars today (yes shaped like mickeys ears). The ice cream was real ice cream (not the cheap stuff you can get). The chocolate coating was real nestle and was more like dark chocolate than milk. Very good. We have had really good food here. I was expecting it to be a bit or cafeteria quality and even though the service resembles McDonalds, the food is very good (I am very surprised).

We walked all over the 'near' side of Epcot today, saving the countries (far side) for tomorrow. All of the rides were fun and educational like I was expecting. Even thought I've taken my Bs today I am very very tired. My feet hurt and it was about all I could do to make it back to the hotel. I'm glad to be back and not have anywhere to go. On the bright side as I sit here typing I don't feel like I want to go to sleep right away. My body is tire but now that I've had shower I feel like having a quiet evening of TV, even though my leg is irritated at me :)

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dude, you need a Segway! B