Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday at Disneyworld

Well, here is the rundown so far. We flew to Key west Friday. That was an adventure! First our flight form Tulsa was delayed nearly three hours. That of course made us miss our connecting flight. We then got on a standby list for another flight. Not too big of a deal as we saw there were 8 open seats on the plane but there was a 'weight and balance' issue so they did not want to let all of us on there. Luckily the captain let us on and we landed in Key West about 9pm. It was raining there so we could not get our bags until the weather cleared. We finally got our bags about 10:30 Friday night.

We went fishing the next morning about 7 and it was a hoot! I've never been fishing in the ocean, so catching gray snapper and shark was neat. I didn't catch anything big like that, but what I caught was fun and we got to see lots of neat fish (like barracudas) and a couple of shipwrecks.

We drove to Orlando yesterday and it took about 8 hours with stops and such. When we got checked in, we went to Magic kingdom for the fireworks show and some late night rides.

Today we went in the morning and stayed until about 2:30. We came back and swam until 6 and then cleaned up for dinner and back to Magic Kingdom for more evening stuff and fireworks, etc. The fireworks show was fantastic. Actually it was better than that. The best show I've ever seen. We were in a different part of the park and it was literally over our heads. The show was different from the night before and a whole lot better. Finally home at 10:30 or so. Very tired feet. It was all I could to do walk that much. My stick was acting more like a cane at the end of the day.

The security guard the second trip in gave me all kinds of grief about my stick. He said he had to make sure it wasn't a sword...A SWORD! He was trying to unscrew this n that and I took it from him before he broke the thing (since it collapses). So I fully collapsed it and asked "Do they make swords this short?!" Anyway he was all in my face for trying to defend myself. I got very frustrated. He actually asked me if I needed it to walk. Are you kidding me? Would I carry around a stick for my health? Oh well, enough of that. Lots of Bs in me, lots of water, lots of walking. Hope I survive. :)

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