Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Late night working

Had a client's server die today. About the worst I've ever seen, and that is saying something in my line of work. Last night is dropped two drives out of a Raid5 array (=terribad) and it seem the motherboard and perhaps the controller itself may be toasted. To put a cherry on it, it is 4 days out of warranty and Dell will not do anything about it. We even offered to buy the extended warranty for it, but they won't do that unless it is 'currently perfect'. So the parts are about $1000 +/- and then we could buy the warranty, yeah right. Anyway, I built a box from parts to see if the tapes they have actually have data on them (we just took them over as a client a few days ago so we don't know how well the backups may have been maintained). I just started a catalog on last Friday's tape. I sure hope it is chock full of data.

Still tired. Still no mB12. Have been taking my other vitamins though so I'm not 100% shot. Vivix and Vitalizer are keeping me alive at this point. I know, that sounds a bit exaggerated, but they do make a huge difference for me (and Julie). Julie and I have really noticed me being run down since my illness and not having my mB12 to get me going again.

GOOD NEWS! I just checked on the catalog and it is counting data! That is fantastic. Well, I'm going to head home now and see Julie for an hour before heading to bed and coming back here.

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