Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back from the long weekend

I feel like there is a ton to say today. It has been a long while since I last posted.

Last week was a bit of a bearcat in that there was so much to do at the office to get ready for the long weekend. We got the new server hardware in and OnTrack was able to get us the data we needed. We fought all day Friday trying to get the system back online but the Tech Support for the software vendor was not helpful. Russell is waiting for them to call bacl this morning to continue the fight.

I've been taking my mB12 regularly and have noticed my energy returning. Julie went to N. Carolina to see a friend of hers over the Memorial Day weekend. I went to the lake with the boys and my in-laws. We swam in the pool (the lake is still too cold) and played games and watched Madagascar 2 (which is funny).

I used my waling stick just about 100% of the time while there. They have stairs and it was nice ot have my own mobile handrail. I got more sleep than usual becuase I had help keeping track of the boys. I feel pretty good all in all. I need to get my bloodwork done this week; I've needed to for a while but have not gotten it done.

I am really exceited that my energy seems to be coming back. It takes a while for the B12 to really get my system up, but I now bhave been through two 'cycles' of having / not having and I really notice the difference. The thing is being patient for the results to come. It took a couple of weeks to start feeling the differences, but nearly no time at all for them to dissipate. Dr. M was right about having to work to get up to a maintenance level.

Now I'm on to this weeks' work and short weeks are always wierd.


Julie said...

Thank you honey for taking the boys all weekend so I could "play" in NC! You are a dream!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave.....

Hope all is getting a little better for you.
My love to you Julie and the boys..

>3 hugs Sky :)