Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back from the long weekend

I feel like there is a ton to say today. It has been a long while since I last posted.

Last week was a bit of a bearcat in that there was so much to do at the office to get ready for the long weekend. We got the new server hardware in and OnTrack was able to get us the data we needed. We fought all day Friday trying to get the system back online but the Tech Support for the software vendor was not helpful. Russell is waiting for them to call bacl this morning to continue the fight.

I've been taking my mB12 regularly and have noticed my energy returning. Julie went to N. Carolina to see a friend of hers over the Memorial Day weekend. I went to the lake with the boys and my in-laws. We swam in the pool (the lake is still too cold) and played games and watched Madagascar 2 (which is funny).

I used my waling stick just about 100% of the time while there. They have stairs and it was nice ot have my own mobile handrail. I got more sleep than usual becuase I had help keeping track of the boys. I feel pretty good all in all. I need to get my bloodwork done this week; I've needed to for a while but have not gotten it done.

I am really exceited that my energy seems to be coming back. It takes a while for the B12 to really get my system up, but I now bhave been through two 'cycles' of having / not having and I really notice the difference. The thing is being patient for the results to come. It took a couple of weeks to start feeling the differences, but nearly no time at all for them to dissipate. Dr. M was right about having to work to get up to a maintenance level.

Now I'm on to this weeks' work and short weeks are always wierd.

Friday, May 15, 2009

tis Friday again

Well the final verdict for that oh so broken machine is... new machine! We sent the drives off to OnTrack to see what they may be able to get us. Not a good situation.

My mB12 came in! So now I'm trying to get back in the saddle with that. I bought a different brand this time and so far I'm not too impressed. The tablets dissolve much more slowly (and I do not know if that is a good or bad thing). At any rate, I will be rebuilding my levels over the next couple of weeks and we'll see if my energy levels build again.

Last night working out with Marsha my left arm kind of 'gave out' when we were doing chest press. It is hard to describe what it felt like, but as I was pushing, it just couldn't anymore. I could still move my arm like a wing (imagine chicken dance) and my wrist seemed to be OK for stabilizing the weight, but I just could not push it up more than 3-4 inches. Very odd. It seems to be normal this morning. It is most likely just fatigue from other exercises, but I want to write it down just in case.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spoke too soon

Well the tapes cataloged BUT the data is from LAST OCTOBER! I cannot believe it. Just cannot. Well anyway, started a catalog on another tape. Will see if it is in the same condition.

Late night working

Had a client's server die today. About the worst I've ever seen, and that is saying something in my line of work. Last night is dropped two drives out of a Raid5 array (=terribad) and it seem the motherboard and perhaps the controller itself may be toasted. To put a cherry on it, it is 4 days out of warranty and Dell will not do anything about it. We even offered to buy the extended warranty for it, but they won't do that unless it is 'currently perfect'. So the parts are about $1000 +/- and then we could buy the warranty, yeah right. Anyway, I built a box from parts to see if the tapes they have actually have data on them (we just took them over as a client a few days ago so we don't know how well the backups may have been maintained). I just started a catalog on last Friday's tape. I sure hope it is chock full of data.

Still tired. Still no mB12. Have been taking my other vitamins though so I'm not 100% shot. Vivix and Vitalizer are keeping me alive at this point. I know, that sounds a bit exaggerated, but they do make a huge difference for me (and Julie). Julie and I have really noticed me being run down since my illness and not having my mB12 to get me going again.

GOOD NEWS! I just checked on the catalog and it is counting data! That is fantastic. Well, I'm going to head home now and see Julie for an hour before heading to bed and coming back here.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Its Friday again and I'm oh so tired from my workout with Marsha last night. That is to be expected though. I've reordered my mB12 and put it on auto-reorder so I don't forget. I forgot to order more so now I'm out for a few days and that does not fit into my plan. But now that I'm forced to not take it, I am going to try and see if I can tell a difference without it. My illness a week or two ago really sapped me and I still do not feel back to the energy level I had just before getting sick. I am not sure how long it may take me to recover that, but it was fantastic while I had it. I'll keep this up on my status.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Windows 7 RC Released Today

The RC came out today, just downloaded it and burning to a DVD so I can install it. Yes Windows 7 is a good thing, regardless of what you may have heard about Vista. It looks different from XP certainly, but it is a good thing.

Feeling pretty good today although I am tired of the rain. Carla is working out great at the office. Woohoo!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Back to work

Feeling relatively normal today. I still feel like I lost so much ground over the last couple of weeks energy-wise. Frustrating, but I'm used to not having much energy. Everyone in the house is well, no lingering sickness. I will be getting with Dr. M this week to get my blood work done now that I am not longer ill. Hopefully there will be no issues found that we have to deal with.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Still feeling a little ill

I don't know what has gotten into me. I am at work, certainly nowhere near Tuesday, but my stomach is all upset again today. Just had rice for lunch as to be easy on myself, but I am tired of feeling this way. I am still tired from my workout last night, but we need to get ready for our new employee who is starting Monday (yeehaw!). Took my normal a.m. routine for vitamins and Bs, had my second just a bit ago. I hope to be feeling better by tonight as our kids are being watched by friends so Julie and I can go out. Gotta love Date Nights when you can get one.