Monday, April 13, 2009

Wow I'm tired.

I barely slept last night. My ankle really hurts.

Longer story. About two weeks ago (I'm not sure when) we had a snowstorm for a day. We went outside and had a great time in the snow but somehow I got hurt. The next day my ankle started hurting really bad. It is an intermittent, very stabbing pain in the 10 o'clock position of the joint if you were looking down through your leg onto the floor, if that helps. There are tendons and whatnot around that area so I have a 70% confidence it is a soft-tissue injury and not broken.

So I have this brace (AXIS) from the time years go I tore up my right ankle and have put it on and off for the last two weeks. Obviously only enough to get over my immediate need and then taking it off and letting it get re-irritated.

At any rate, it really got bad last night. It woke me up at 4:15 and even though I put the brace back on, I did not really sleep after that. Rest yes, sleep no. If I ever actually went to sleep and moved at all, I got stabbed awake in the ankle again.

So, I'm worthless today. :(

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Julie said...

I had no idea you weren't sleeping last night, honey! You must be exhausted. Love you...