Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Worked from home today

Yesterday I was so ill... I caught what Julie had over the weekend. I did not go in today for fear of spreading what I'll call the stomach flu. I'll leave the details of my symptoms there. At any rate, spent basically 24 hours in bed and it has done me very well. I have energy now, which I've not had for some days. I still have not materially eaten as I have not been interested, but food is sounding good to me again. Julie was great at keeping me in chicken broth and Performance so I'm not really dehydrated. I did not take any vitamins yesterday but did get a B in me so far today. Will get another here in a bit, but won't make three today. I'll be back on schedule tomorrow.

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Clay Greene said...

Hey, Dave. Since you mentioned it on FB, I came over to check it out. I read your entire blog up to today. I am inspired by your upbeat spirit and tenacity to fight this disease.

There are so many things I want to discuss with you. Email or call when you get a chance.