Friday, April 10, 2009

The weekend is almost here.

It is Friday. Good Friday in fact. So Happy Passover and Easter!

I feel like I have a lot to say today somewhere hidden, so I'm going to work on this post off and on through the day. If it seems to ramble, so be it.

The mB12 has been taken without fail since I got my instructions for 3x / day. I really do think it is helping my energy levels, but I want to clarify some things as I've been thinking about them.

Tired: For me tired is / was a continual issue. I only rarely feel 'awake and refreshed'. That has long since gone, or at least any material time period of that feeling has. It is probably most obvious in the morning right after a shower but it is transient at best.

Fatigue: For me that happens periodically when my body is screaming 'no more'. This usually occurs after exercise or yard work. My ability to walk becomes greatly impaired and I end up holding on to things just to keep from falling over / down. Fatigue is only a temporary thing most of the time as it will pass in 30 minutes to an hour. Then I'm just tired again. I may be able to get up and go again, but that fatigue crossover will come more quickly than the first time.

All in all, I just want to be clear when I talk about energy levels, for me it is about how close to fatigue I feel. I'll say that for the sake of discussion, feeling a 10 is the most energy I can ever remember having. A 3 would be fatigue onset, and 1 would be an inability to move from the place you fell. I think I start at 6 or 7 most days, and hit a 3 at least once a day. I have long since described my symptoms as a sliding window, where my decline in ability is relatively standard throughout the day as I spend what energy I have. The difference in how I feel at the end of the day depends on how I felt when I woke up. 7->3, 6->2, etc. or at least that is the general idea.

What I've noticed since taking the mB12 is that I have more 7 starts, if I can call it that. I certainly do feel so tightly bound to the coffe cup in the monrings like I used to.

A good example of fatigue is what happened when Julie and I were cleaning out the garage. After a while I got to where I couldn't hardly stand or walk. It is VERY frustrating. She is very understanding, but I don't like feeling my symptoms so obviously. I suppose that is the worst part of this for me. It isn't the day-to-day symptoms that bother me so much as I can laugh about losing my balance into a door jamb or whatever. It is when I really want to do something and simply can't. Anyway, I sat down on the porch for 15 minutes and got enough back to pull the cars back inside, but I was worthless the rest of the day. It also happens sometimes when I am working out, although it is not a good thing to do so we try to avoid that as best we can. Marsha has a pretty good eye for when I'm wearing out, but it can come on very quickly, even in just a few reps, depending on what we are doing and how much my left leg gets pushed.

On another note, work is going well. The guy we hired a couple of weeks ago quit. That was a bummer, but he said he thought he was more cut out for a 'single network' support job and I get that. I've always thought that what I do (we do) is not for every IT person. We have interviewed 3 or 4 people but none have made it back to Russell and me to do the technical interviews just yet. Keep praying for the right person!

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