Monday, April 6, 2009


The MS Walk was great! Thank you so much to all of my supporters. It was a grueling walk. 3 miles is a lot longer then what I had thought it was. The last 1/2 mile was very difficult, but I made it. I was thinking that this would be similar to walking around Silver Dollar City, and it was, but all at once!

I have been taking my mB12 3 times a day since I was told to. Again, I have been waking easier and have had a bit more energy through the day, but I am still not ready to directly relate it to the B12 yet. After a month, if my opinion remains, I'll talk to Dr. M. and see what he thinks about going off of the mB12 to contrast my experience(s).

We lost a dear friend (Phyllis) this last week and are taking care of her things this week. We will all miss her.

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Julie said...

I love you honey! You did so great! Phyllis would have loved to hear all about it.