Friday, April 24, 2009

Last night

Last night was an interesting experience for Julie and me. I went to my training as usual with Marsha, did all of that, and when I got home I still was interested in doing chores. I wanted to fix the gate on our fence that is half-broken, put things back into the attic!

So we went to Home Depot (we prefer Lowe's but we had a gift card to use) and got a male hose end replacement (the one on a hose we had was bent up), a new gate lock, and a ceiling fan (for our bedroom, the old one was orig equip and was noisy and the light fixture was ugly).

We then went to Phyllis' house and got the Dish network stuff they wanted returned and then went home and fixed the hose and put up the ceiling fan. Julie and I both were very surprised at how long I was interested in doing stuff rather than crashing on the couch. It was a very interesting evening.


Julie said...

Love, Love the new fan by the way honey.....thanks for being my handiman!!

Patrick said...

Wow, I didn't realize. I'm glad to hear things are looking on the up. I had an elementary school friend that was diagnosed with it too so I understand, but don't personally know, what you're going through. I'll be sure to drop by oft. to check up on you here.


Anonymous said...

Im glad to hear your doing better. now you can teach me how to get on these things