Monday, April 27, 2009

I wish I would've listened

I am still not back up to speed. Yesterday was good in that I got to take a nap for an hour or so and went to bed early. I was thinking about what the PT had said about energy conservation and I did not do that at all. I had it and blew it all at once. Well I certainly know not to do that again. I have had a few offers already to help with the yard work and luckily it does not need it yet (yea Bermuda grass!).

Our new employee should start next Monday so that will be a big help at the office. We had the pool table picked up on Friday so that is out of the way, making the space available again for desks. We have some cable runs to do before that but we have all week. We also got a used A/C unit for the server room and are figuring out how to get it vented and such so hopefully we will save some $ on cooling too in the next month or so.

Not much else to say right now, feel like going to sleep. Off to bed again early tonight I hope as well.

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