Thursday, April 2, 2009

Getting Closer

To MS Walk 2009!

This past weekend it actually snowed here in Tulsa. Wet, heavy snow. It was fun as we all got outside an threw snowballs and built a snowman that melted the next day. I twisted my ankle and have been nursing it for the last few days. Hopefully it will be back to 100% for the walk. It is 80% there now, only hurting if I get it just 'so-so'.

I have little to discuss about the B12, although I do seem to have more energy as I look back over the last few days. My overall fatigue seems to be lower. Even though I am still tired at the end of the work day, I am not quite as 'exhausted' as I remember being. I have also awoken a little easier over the last couple of days. While sleep and rest can all be attributed to different things, I'm going to keep a close watch to see if bedtime, alarm, etc. are relatively consistent to see if it is the B12 or me being more diligent to 'go to bed'.

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