Monday, March 30, 2009

Status after a few days

I've traded calls with Dr. M and it turns out that I need to take my MB12 at 1000mcg 3 times a day for the first month or so to get my body 'up to speed' and then I should be able to back off to a maintenance dose. I've been taking 1/day since I got them but have only started with 3 / day, (7am, noon, 7pm) this past Saturday. I cannot say that I've had real noticeable / attributable effects, but I certainly have had no side-effects.

I played with the kids in the snow Saturday and ended up hurting my ankle somehow so I'll see someone after I see how I heal over the next day or two. I have a good brace from my last ankle injury so it isn't nearly as bad now as it was overnight (as it woke me up every time I moved).

Oh I've also gone through my posts and other than Dr. Brouse (who has an internet site set up to deal with inquiries about his nutrition-based practice), I've tried to remove listings to my Dr.'s names and left them as initials. This works out at least for now since none of my doctors have the same last initial. I just don't want anyone to try and seek them out directly regarding anything I post here, since this is my story and not theirs. :)

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