Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Got my B12 yesterday

It finally got here! So now begins the logging for posterity. They are 1mg (1000mcg) tablets that dissolve under your tongue. I took one last night just because I was excited. I cannot say it made me feel any different, but Dr. M said that it may take weeks or months for me to get to a point of measurable results since the whole purpose if to simply arm my body with nutrients for it to do 'its own work'.

I took another this morning and will be calling Dr. M later today to tell him of my official start and about this blog so he can better keep track of me without phone calls all of the time.

Just for the record, I took it after I had my protein shake and vitamins that I do every morning. My daily vitamins include Vitalizer, 10 x Alfalfa, 4 x OsteoMatrix, 1x Saw Palmetto, 1xZinc. My protein shake is 1c. Vanilla Soy with Shaklee's Chocolate cinch added (but only 1/2 the normal Cinch shake volume).

The tablets themsleves taste like nothing even though they say they have some flavor added. Perhaps they would be terrible without the additive... As it dissolves it does feel a little grainy under the tongue, but it only takes about 3 minutes for it to be completely gone.

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