Wednesday, June 18, 2008


In August of '07 I was meeting with my trainer and that is where I pick up the 'we noticed things are not improving very quickly at all'. In September I was sick the entire month, really. I had the Flu, followed by Pneumonia, followed by the Flu again. It was awful. In hindsight I know that I also had my second attack this month.

My symptoms greatly worsened (August compared to October).

I was at a clients office in (we'll say) October and she noticed my left foot drag a bit (I caught my toe) and she mentioned that I should see a doctor about it. She said that she had MS and that her first 'sign' was a toe drop. She didn't want to be an alarmist but was concerned and I appreciated that info. As it turns out it really got me thinking and much more serious about this whole thing.

By December there was no improvement despite continued work at the gym. In January while in Kansas, I fell onto the bed while losing my balance getting dressed. It was then that Julie and I finally decided that seeing a doctor about all of this was required.

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