Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I had an EP (Evoked Potentials) test a week or so ago now and all but the visual one was within normal limits. 90% of MS patients have abnormal VEP tests, so for that I am in the same ballpark as most. I still have not met back w/ Dr. D about a treatment plan (if any). That will be in another 10 days or so.

My balance is off quite a bit, although mostly right when I get up and oddly enough going around corners in hallways or adjusting to get through a door. I have started touching doorways and corners so I have a little 'extra' information about where I am. It works well although it strikes some people as odd if they don't know why I'm doing it. My leg is still hard to pick up unless I'm thinking about it.

I think, after reading a lot about treatments, that Julie and I have decided to forgo pharmaceutical treatments. They have a lot of side-effects without much benefit that is traceable. In additional reading, we think it is most important to get my body in a well 'nutrified' state, as most MS patients have deficiencies all over the place. Once we have a handle on that, we can see what the world looks like.

I am in a process of meeting with a nutritional doctor, Dr. Brouse in Oregon who will help me determine what my body needs.

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